On this very day, in this very year….a Blog was born

Welcome to the birth of Transworld Video, my new website and blog. It is an exciting time to be a part of this very new creation.

I’ve been struggling with what I want this to be about. Do I want to offer a site that is beneficiary in terms of what it offers? Will I post quotes? Do I do reviews? Shall I give tips and tricks to what I’ve learned in life? I’m so uncertain. So I might make it a hodge podge of fancy and unfancy things in life.

See, having experienced as much as I have, I’m someone that has a variety to offer.

I’m fun! Like Big Time fun! Soak me up with a Spongebob Fun. And seriously, who what is the facination wiht Spongebob. I’m sure i’ll find out soon enough. With a little one in the house. Oh, who just learned to walk. So wish me a bunch of luck.


I’m thinking today I’ll talk about family. Most important thing you can have in life. I’m sitting here with my sister in-law, daughter and husband. Granted, I’m working, but getting to have family around is so fabulous. Our daughter gets to see her grandparents (she has 6), aunts and uncles. It’s pretty terrific. Not only that, my daughter was able to meet her great-grandmother before she passed. That was a special moment for me. She’s too young to actually remember it, but now I get it.

Back to family. For so long I’ve been focused on money, doing things, being productive. Being a success. Having a child of your own puts it all into perspective.you-attract-what-you-think

This isn’t meant to be something that foucses on sadness or death, but I realize by looking at my grandma, who was the matriarch of the family and the nucleus. And when I was walking through her home the last time I was there, I saw there was 5 generations of family going on. From her parents to my
parents to my daugther.

The history. The love. Overwhelmingly amazing.

What do you focus on? I’ve heard this a lot–usually in business, but what you focus on becomes you reality. So, take a look at your life and what you have is what you focus on. I can promise you that. And while I have wanted success and all that comes with it. I can’t begin to tell you how the love of a child can quickly change the perspective. I so look forward to having both an incredibly successful life and a loving and blooming family as well. I do believe we can have it all.

This blog did not begin how I imagined it and I’m now thinking it’s going to go many different directions. I like to tell stories. Share memories. And provide value. So I will. I promise. Today was about being heartfelt. Next time, we’ll talk cool stuff.

Have an insanely awesome day, week, month and year! And I’ll see you back here soon!