Cell Phone Advice Straight From The Technology Experts

When it comes to cell phones, there is a lot to know about the topic. How do you know which one is the best buy? How can you get a great deal? What apps are the best choice? Android, iOS or Windows? To learn more, check out the article below.

When you are in the market for a cell phone, be sure to shop different providers for the best prices. Many providers offer the exaact same phones for great deals if you are willing to sign a contract. Just make sure to also check out the attached plans, because sometimes saving on the phone isn’t worth it if the plan will be more expensive in the end.

If your cell phone is acting slowly after an operating system upgrade, it may be time for a replacement. This is especially true for older phones. It may be so old that the new operating system is too memory intensive to operate smoothly on your phone. Talk with a carrier to see what your options are.

When buying your cellphone, make sure to consider bundles. Many companies offer them, and they can include things like a case or a car charger. It is often less expensive to buy all these items in a bundle than to buy them separately, and there is a good chance you will want some of the accessories.

If you are using the Internet from your cell phone, you should think about installing software to protect you against viruses. Many people do not know this, but you can have hackers access your phone the same way they would do to a computer. You can find plenty of free downloadable software online that will help you combat this issue.

Charge your phone with a power booster or a pack that attaches to your cell phone. This device will have a full charge already so you can charge your phone on the go and have backup energy when you need it most. You will just need to charge this pack in advance for this to work.

There is reason to believe that the radiation produced by cell phones could cause brain tumors and other health problems. While there is no direct proof that this is true, it is better to be safe than sorry. Whenever you can, put your phone on speaker or plug a headset into it.

Use your cell phone as a voice recorder if you do not want to take notes in class. You can simply record the important points that your teacher is saying as the class is in session and go back to them at the end of the day when you are studying.

Before purchasing a cell phone, check with friends and relations for recommendations. You can trust people such as these, and they are sure to have had experience with a variety of phones. They can make it clearer which phone would be better to choose.

With so many questions, finding answers is an absolute must. That means you have to not only absorb and use the information you’ve learned here, but you should also seek out more articles like this one. If you can continually educate yourself, you will never fall behind on the times.

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iPhone 6S+ Review For The Average Human

The real skinny
Yesterday I made the move. I’m on the AT&T next 12 plan, which allows me to update every year. I ended up taking a little extra time due to travelling and other circumstances.

But now I’m in the new iPhone club and I moved up in the world. I went and upgraded from the 6 to the 6+. When the 6+ first came out I was like NO WAY. I have small hands and thought it was not something I would be able to navigate.

Well, after you get used to something for a period of time, then the next time, the move doesn’t seem so big. That and I have a 14 day period to use it and decide if I actually like the larger iPhone.

So, let’s get into the reivew….and it won’t be that thorough, as I haven’t gotten to know all the bells and whistles yet. I’m working on it. Relax. I’m sure there are plenty of other real big time bloggers that have their take on it.

See what I mean by clicking on the image===>

These guys and 1000’s more have offered their reivews before me. So why read here? Well, I guess because you’ll be getting the biased truth (I love apple products. I’m an apple man). And while I do have a Kindle, the Apple is the apple of my eye.

So, let’s get to it.

Size: It’s big but not monsterous as it felt last year. I have small hands but it’s still big. Typing with one hand is no longer going to be very easy and I will definitely have to use the home button to drop the icons lower. You know that trick, right? Double tap on the home screen lightly and all the apps pull down 1/2 way.

You can use the zoom view if the screen setting is too small since it’s so large. And what’s really great is the new landscape view of the home scren icons and when you use certain apps, like mail. It’s very functional now.

Battery: I did notice that the battery did run hot, but I might be over using it since I just got it. And it did drain fast. That might also be due to my settings, which I haven’t really gone and reconfigured yet. That reminds me, don’t forget to turn off location services if you want to have a phone that lasts more than 1/2 a day. It sucks the battery dry. Glad I reminded myself that too.

3-D viewing: This is new on this model. I dig it, but don’t know which apps have it and which don’t. Also, it’s a light tap on the icon, which can get confusing because sometimes I hold it too much and they all begin their jiggling like I want to delete something. Or sometimes I just open them up accidentally. When I do get them right, it’s pretty cool. I’m sure with time that I’ll be using them more often.

Camera: Best yet! This thing is a monster and has such better capabilities. I love that they finally worked a flash into the front of the camera. No more hideos selfies!! #yesyesyes. There’s a new mode called Live. I’m not 100% on what this does so I found this link for you: LIVE PHOTO REVIEW

Speed: This thing is fast. Noticeably. I am not going to get into the proccessing speed and chips etc, because that’s not what you want to know. This thing cooks. That’s the good news.

This is my general basic review for you normal people out there who are converting from an iphone 6 to the 6S. And if you are toying with the 6S+, try it. I’m digging it and I’m only 2 days in.

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On this very day, in this very year….a Blog was born

Welcome to the birth of Transworld Video, my new website and blog. It is an exciting time to be a part of this very new creation.

I’ve been struggling with what I want this to be about. Do I want to offer a site that is beneficiary in terms of what it offers? Will I post quotes? Do I do reviews? Shall I give tips and tricks to what I’ve learned in life? I’m so uncertain. So I might make it a hodge podge of fancy and unfancy things in life.

See, having experienced as much as I have, I’m someone that has a variety to offer.

I’m fun! Like Big Time fun! Soak me up with a Spongebob Fun. And seriously, who what is the facination wiht Spongebob. I’m sure i’ll find out soon enough. With a little one in the house. Oh, who just learned to walk. So wish me a bunch of luck.


I’m thinking today I’ll talk about family. Most important thing you can have in life. I’m sitting here with my sister in-law, daughter and husband. Granted, I’m working, but getting to have family around is so fabulous. Our daughter gets to see her grandparents (she has 6), aunts and uncles. It’s pretty terrific. Not only that, my daughter was able to meet her great-grandmother before she passed. That was a special moment for me. She’s too young to actually remember it, but now I get it.

Back to family. For so long I’ve been focused on money, doing things, being productive. Being a success. Having a child of your own puts it all into perspective.you-attract-what-you-think

This isn’t meant to be something that foucses on sadness or death, but I realize by looking at my grandma, who was the matriarch of the family and the nucleus. And when I was walking through her home the last time I was there, I saw there was 5 generations of family going on. From her parents to my
parents to my daugther.

The history. The love. Overwhelmingly amazing.

What do you focus on? I’ve heard this a lot–usually in business, but what you focus on becomes you reality. So, take a look at your life and what you have is what you focus on. I can promise you that. And while I have wanted success and all that comes with it. I can’t begin to tell you how the love of a child can quickly change the perspective. I so look forward to having both an incredibly successful life and a loving and blooming family as well. I do believe we can have it all.

This blog did not begin how I imagined it and I’m now thinking it’s going to go many different directions. I like to tell stories. Share memories. And provide value. So I will. I promise. Today was about being heartfelt. Next time, we’ll talk cool stuff.

Have an insanely awesome day, week, month and year! And I’ll see you back here soon!

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